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Flat Spray Airless

Flat Jet Airless Nozzles – Spray Angle 10° up to 120°

Flat jet nozzles produce a fan-shaped spray pattern of varying widths and impact force. The spray cross-section can be elliptical or rectangular, depending on the particular application. The impact forces are different, and the spray pattern can be soft, medium or hard.

Application fields:
Car wash sites, phosphating, dishwashers, parts washing equipment, degreasing, gravel washing, coatings, bottle cleaning, roll cooling, tape lubrication, polishing, lubrication, cooling, wetting, cleaning, and many more.

The standard body is available in different Versions.:
Steel, nickel plated, black plated , gold plated and stainless steel.

Burnishing nozzles are without extra costs. On request deliverable in different spay angels and outlet openings.