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Nozzle Technology

All COMCO nozzles are made of high-quality hardmetal and are available in
the following sizes:
Nozzle openings ranging from 0.18 mm (0.007 ins.) to 1.57 mm (0.062 ins).
Spray widths and angles ranging from 50 mm (5°) to 650 mm ( 120°).
Special sizes and larger spray widths are available on request.
Flow capacity tables
Flow capacity information in this homepage is based on water at
approx +20°C with tolerances of +/- 5% in flow volume.
If liquids with other specific gravities are used, the equivalent flow capacities can be
calculated by using the relevant factors from the table below.
Specific Gravity:          0,84   0,96   1,00   1,08   1,20   1,32   1,44
Conversion Factors:    1,09   1,02   1,00   0,96   0,91   0,87   0,83
Volumetric flow rate (V)
For a given liquid, nozzle flow rate depends on jet pressure
(liquid pressure at the nozzle). Flow rates can be altered by
varying pressure levels and can be calculated as follows: